PhD students

17 records
Lastname Firstname Social University E-Mail Theme of thesis Director of thesis Defence year
Coindreau Marc-Antoine UNIL E-Mail Optimization and metaheuristics Olivier Gallay
Egloff Mattia UNIL E-Mail Informatical science and Mathematical Methods for human sciences François Bavaud
Forrer Salome UNIBE - tbd Prof. Dr. Norbert Trautmann
Galby Esther UNIFR E-Mail Graph theory
Gallmann Francesco UNINE E-Mail SERVICE LEVEL improvement through LEAD TIME reduction and INVENTORY optimization Prof. Gerald Reiner
Gnägi Mario UNIBE E-Mail tbd Prof. Dr. Norbert Trautmann
Respen Jean UNIGE E-Mail Metaheuristics for constrained complex logistic problems involving various objectives Prof. Nicolas Zufferey
ROTHEN Patrick UNIGE - Science in Management Prof. Nicolas Zufferey
Saarinen Lauri UNIL E-Mail Provisional title: Operations management, value of time and the cost of uncertainty Prof. Suzanne de Treville
Schwab Leila UNINE E-Mail Growth management in the construction industry Prof. Gerald Reiner
Strub Oliver UNIBE E-Mail tbd Prof. Dr. Norbert Trautmann
Thevenin Simon UNIGE -
Uldry Marc UNIFR - From a magnetic board to an interactive planning support system: How to build a decision support system specific to a factory Marino Widmer
Vié Marie-Sklaerder UNIGE E-Mail Operations Research Nicolas Zufferey
Woerner Stefan ETHZ E-Mail Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization
Zimmermann Adrian UNIBE E-Mail
Zingg Aline UNINE - Sustainable supply chain management Gerald Reiner