PhD students

17 enregistrements
Nom Prénom Social Université Email Thème de la thèse Directeur /trice Année de soutenance
COINDREAU Marc-Antoine UNIL - Optimization and metaheuristics Olivier Gallay
EGLOFF Mattia UNIL Email Informatical science and Mathematical Methods for human sciences François Bavaud
FORRER Salome UNIBE - tbd Prof. Dr. Norbert Trautmann
GALBY Esther UNIFR Email Graph theory
GALLMANN Francesco UNINE Email SERVICE LEVEL improvement through LEAD TIME reduction and INVENTORY optimization Prof. Gerald Reiner
GNÄGI Mario UNIBE Email tbd Prof. Dr. Norbert Trautmann
RESPEN Jean UNIGE Email Metaheuristics for constrained complex logistic problems involving various objectives Prof. Nicolas Zufferey
ROTHEN Patrick UNIGE - Science in Management Prof. Nicolas Zufferey
SAARINEN Lauri UNIL - Provisional title: Operations management, value of time and the cost of uncertainty Prof. Suzanne de Treville
SCHWAB Leila UNINE Email Growth management in the construction industry Prof. Gerald Reiner
STRUB Oliver UNIBE Email tbd Prof. Dr. Norbert Trautmann
ULDRY Marc UNIFR - From a magnetic board to an interactive planning support system: How to build a decision support system specific to a factory Marino Widmer
VIÉ Marie-Sklaerder UNIGE Email Operations Research Nicolas Zufferey
WOERNER Stefan ETHZ Email Inventory & Supply Chain Optimization
ZINGG Aline UNINE - Sustainable supply chain management Gerald Reiner